Travel Like A Minimalist

First of all, yes, this is how the airline treated one of our suitcases that was marked “fragile.” (Don’t worry, the wine was fine.)

This is a season of travel, and my recent trip to Chicago prompted me to share these tid-bits. For those of you traveling over the holidays, or just because you’re a badass adventurer, these tips are for you.


Overpacking is the worst. Whether it’s a single shirt, a pair of undies, or an entire outfit, I don’t like traveling any heavier than necessary. I’m a one carry-on suitcase plus one satchel type of person. What helps me get to the bare bones of my packing list is writing down a loose itinerary for the trip, and then I plan outfits accordingly. Check the weather of your destination, get real about how many outfit changes there will actually be, and choose versatile pieces that you can layer. Create a checklist and cross items off as they make their way into your suitcase.


These are little morning-of reminders, a proactive measure to prevent that “oh-shit” moment when we realize we forgot something. The night before, I catalogue the things I need to use the morning of departure, that still need to make their way into my suitcase. Every knick knack is included: phone charger, toothbrush, etc. I paste the post-it on top of my suitcase so I remember any and all stragglers before I zip up. I leave another post-it on the inside of the front door, reminding me to double check for my wallet, phone, ID, and tickets.

Flight Face

Flight face is a not a good look, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and avoid those in-flight cocktails. Skip the processed peanuts or other packaged snacks. Another trick is to utilize the pressure points between your brows, along the brow bone, on either side of your nose, and above and below the lips. Stale plane air isn’t doing anyone any favors, but applying ten seconds of pressure in those areas will increase circulation and restore your glow.

Tune in to the full episode for all things travel.

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