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The incessant texting, checking of emails, and refreshing of our newsfeeds is eating up our time. Just because we can be reached all day every day, doesn’t mean we should be. The constant notifications create a fake sense of urgency, as if we’re on call. We’re not, and it’s easy to forget that.

A quick phone fast can work magic. Deleting the problematic apps, i.e. social media or games we can’t stop playing, is a solid first step. Consider turning your phone off or keeping it out of sight from the time you arrive at work until lunch, and then again after lunch until you arrive home.

Text and email has made it too easy for people to send out any and every thought that comes to their mind. It’s distracting and overwhelming, and sometimes I’d rather fake my own death than deal with a group text. Minimalism is an ally that can help combat these feelings.

Responding to emails could take literally all day if we let it. Try only responding to emails twice a day. Take designated breaks to respond to texts and calls. Let your friends, family, and work colleagues know, but commit to this schedule to prevent your day from becoming one long reply.

When we put the phone away for a bit, we can appreciate the benefits they offer without obsessing or clinging to them like a lifeline. Taking a tech break allows us to catch our breath, and be more efficient while eliminating the idle time wastage that comes form multi-tasking with our technology.

For more on technology and minimalism, tune in to this episode of the podcast.

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