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10 Tips for Productivity

Productivity is a choice, and it’s easier to achieve once we stop getting in our own way. Improving productivity is about a concentrated effort to eliminate all of the little distractions and unhelpful habits. Here is a simple checklist of changes we can make right now to up our productivity.

Get up early and maintain a morning routine.

Check email only twice a day.

Turn off the phone during work time.

Single-task only.

Utilize free time management tools like Tomato Timer.

Say “no” to everything that is not a priority.

Make time to workout daily to manage stress and clear the mental clutter.

Keep a “stop doing” list to record, then eliminate, bad or unhelpful habits that get in the way of productivity.

Cut out the “energy vampires,” a.k.a. any negative or draining relationships.

Clean up your workspace every evening, so it’s ready to go for the following day.

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