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10 Tips for Productivity

Productivity is a choice, and it’s easier to achieve once we stop getting in our own way. Improving productivity is about a concentrated effort to eliminate all of the little distractions and unhelpful habits. Here is a simple checklist of changes we can make right now to up our productivity.

Get up early and maintain a morning routine.

Turn off the phone during work time.

Single-task only.

Utilize free time management tools like Tomato Timer.

Check email only twice a day.

Say “no” to anything that is not a priority.

Make time to workout (and eat clean) to manage stress and clear the mental clutter.

Keep a “stop doing” list to record, then eliminate bad or unhelpful habits that get in the way of productivity.

Cut out the “energy vampires,” a.k.a. any and all negative/draining people or commitments.

Clean up workspace every evening, so it’s ready to go for the following day.

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