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One Year to a Sustainable Closet

After watching The True Cost, I’ve decided to commit to the goal of curating a closet of entirely eco-friendly, fair trade, and ethically sourced clothing. My wardrobe may be greener and more conflict-free than most, but I can do better.

The short version of why I’ve dedicated myself to this goal: Fast Fashion is destroying developing communities & the environment, and I won’t be a party to it anymore. Not even for a pair of undies. I don’t want to look like another Consumer Nation style clone either.

I’m not independently wealthy or a recent lotto winner, so it will take some time to make this happen. I’m giving myself one year to transition to a wholly sustainable closet. If this sounds like a fun/intriguing/worthy challenge, check back here on the blog for more about the process as I sell or donate my current wardrobe, and for research on sustainable brands. I’ll share details about each company I decide to shop with, including reviews for the items I buy, and I hope you’ll follow along!

On the fence, or wondering what the eff inspired this? Tune in to this episode of the podcast.

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