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The Little Things

I grew up less than five miles from the beach, and as a smaller me, I went almost every single day in the summer. As a teenage me, I’d ditch class just to go sit on the sand and write. College happened, then adulting started, and going to the beach became a distant luxury.

I stopped making time for something that brought so much joy and perspective to my life. It’s easy to get caught up and sacrifice simple adventures that are essential for our happiness, especially when they don’t make us money or directly impact our survival. We make excuses for why we’re “too busy” to enjoy while we work toward what we want.

Minimalism promotes conscious, high-quality living, and these activities are essential for our well-being. We are making larger, more detrimental sacrifices than we know when we choose to forego them. Getting outside is essential. Adventures, big and small, are essential. Being happy is essential. Making excuses for why we’re “too busy” to live and do, is not essential.

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