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Minimalism is a philosophy based in conscious choices. It’s a mindset that allows us to achieve a more balanced and sustainable life by simplifying. It is about acting with thoughtfulness and intention to prevent undue suffering, and in its place, create more space for who and what we love.

As enticing as it sounds sometimes, I’m not an extremist trying to live off the grid. I’m a pragmatic minimalist offering a realistic, adaptable alternative to the inherited consumerist societal standard, one that revolves around not only self-respect, but a respect for the planet and all of those we share it with. With these values in mind, I’m providing simple tips to streamline any lifestyle to promote joy, sustainability, and stay focused on what’s important.

The anecdotes & advice that I share are meant to encourage others to scrap the excuses, and create a fulfilling life for themselves a-s-a-p. I want to embolden others to do whatever it is that brings them a sense of purpose, and ditch the rest. Minimalism is the embodiment of this concept. Let’s get rid of the junk, and start living a little lighter.

Check out this podcast episode all about functional minimalism.

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