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DL 1961 Denim

DL 1961 is a denim dream. I’m not a traditional blue jean person because I think I look like a misshapen cowboy or a house painter from the 90’s. (Neither of which is offensive so long as you’re actually a cowboy or a painter of houses.) DL 1961 converted me though. Despite the scorched Earth vibe outside here in Southern California, we are heading into fall, and it’d be nice to have an awesome, sustainable pant option.

DL 1961 is committed to chic style and sustainable practices. They use ethically sourced cotton and modal/tencel fabric, which is probably why their pants are next-level soft, breathable, and durable. They are focused on innovation and energy efficiency, and they have reduced their dye, energy, and water usage by 50%. DL 1961 Denim is available online and in stores across the U.S., allowing them to bring the sustainable fashion segment into the main stream conversation.

When they say “perfect fit,” they mean it. DL 1961 jeans are comfy and flattering af. I’m a short, slightly curvy person (#Nicaraguan) and my best friend is a taller, model-esque mama, and their jeans fit both of us impeccably. The denim has a good amount of give without creating the shapeless, saggy butt effect. You’ll feel ready for an adventure or a night out. The average price point for a pair of DL 1961 jeans is $188 (not ideal but not terrible considering the alternatives), but ya get what ya pay for and these gems will last far longer than just your fall capsule wardrobe.

P.S. Right now they’re having a Labor Day sale, so snag a pair for half price while you can!

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