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Best Breakfast Smoothie of Life

Fact: smoothies are the best. They are quick & easy to make, and you can take them on the go. What more could you want from a breakfast?

This peanut butter, banana, coconut delight happens to be delicious and nutrient-dense. The healthy fat, protein, and other essential vitamins in the nuts, seeds, coconut oil & beyond, get the brain firing, and give you the fuel you need to tackle your day.

Ingredients listed below are sufficient for one serving size. This delectable recipe is brought to you by nutritionist extraordinaire, Ashley Johnson of Hungry Ever After.

The Goods:
– 1 Frozen Banana
– 2 tbsp Hemp Seeds
– 1 tbsp Chia Seeds
– 1 handful of Brazil Nuts (approximately 7)
– 1 cup Coconut Milk
– 1 tsp Coconut Oil
– 2 (heaping) tbsp Peanut Butter (Or almond butter/whatever nut butter your heart desires)
– Cinnamon (Go wild!)
– 1 tbsp Cacao Nibs (optional)

How to make it happen:
Toss those ingredients in the blender, in that order, and blend away. Pour in a glass or a to-go mug and enjoy!

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