Be More With Less | Courtney Carver

Courtney Carver is an accomplished writer, photographer, and public speaker, who started Be More with Less to help others discover the joy in less. She was kind enough to answer a few questions, and I’ve posted her answers below. Happy reading!

What inspired you to start living with less?
I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and realized that stress was a big factor in relapses. I decided to eliminate as much stress from my life as possible starting with diet, then moving to stuff, debt, and work I didn’t love.

What was the toughest adjustment for you?
The first few days of each new thing was tough because I didn’t know what to expect, but just moving forward allowed me to become more and more comfortable with change and uncertainty. Each change inspired the next.

What is Project 333 and what was the motivation behind it?
All of the rules of the project are here, but it started as a personal experiment to determine what “enough” meant to me. I challenged myself to dress with 33 items including shoes, clothes, jewelry and accessories for 3 months.

What is your best tip for those just beginning a minimalist journey or a life with less stuff?
Don’t compare where you are now to where someone else is, especially to others who have been simplifying their life for some time. I think this article might be really helpful to a beginner too!

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