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Be Kind

As minimalists, we are focused on contributing value, while letting go of anything negative or non-essential. Kindness costs us nothing, and adds buttloads of value to the lives of everyone involved.

I don’t pretend to like or even understand the planet from which some negativity originates, but if we expect progress, we have to get past it to reach a place of understanding. That doesn’t mean we have to agree, but we have to have respect when we talk with each other. It is a necessity. It is common decency.

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t be assertive when there is injustice or that kindness alone will solve all problems, but fighting hate with more hate is next-level non-essential. With respect and kindness, we can help educate. When comments and actions are devoid of kindness, empathy, or value, we all lose. Be kind.

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