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A Gluten-Free, Plant-Based Person Who Sometimes Eats Chicken

The title of this post is my new normal, and tragically, the whitest description of all time. I am not psyched about it, but after feeling like a literal dumpster fire on a runaway train for over a year, I discovered I had been (accidentally) poisoning myself, hard, with foods I’m allergic to neverendasentenceinapreposition. As a clean eater who is big on organic produce, minimal processed foods, and checking ingredient labels like a crazy person, my diet-driven conundrum was surprising.

These new findings inspired my newfound commitment to a gluten-free, plant-based lifestyle. I wish I could say that I was reminded of the devastating deforestation, or that I made myself watch one of those horrific videos about how bacon is made, but selfishly, it was allergies & vanity that made me do it in the end. (I didn’t want to forego cheese in its many forms. Let’s be honest, giving up margherita pizza is the real tragedy here.)

The past month has been a cluster eff trying to figure out what I can and can’t eat. It has been a tricky adjustment, so for now, I eat chicken occasionally to supplement my protein intake, but in all other respects, I am a vegan. I know there are ways to do this without meat though, and I want to hear from you peeps! What are your favorite recipes? Best resources? How do you do it? I love learning from you!

Breakfast was the most difficult transition for me, so I’m sharing my favorite clean, vegan, gluten-free (& nutrient-dense!) smoothie recipe. It will change your life. Promise.

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