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5 Things I Learned When I Went Plant-Based

Plant life. Sure, you might feel the twinge of a cheese-shaped hole in your heart when you give it up, but that’s just the casomorphin addiction, and that will pass. A plant-based diet provides a path to better health.

Plants contain all the necessary nutrients (yes, even protein) for our health, and they don’t harm animals or the environment. All-plant-everything may sound daunting (I get it- pizza used to be a basic food group for me), but here are five important things I learned about going plant-based:

It’s not as hard as you think it is. There are plenty of plant-based/vegan resources out there, from social media inspiration to blogs with detailed recipes. The supportive community and wealth of information makes eating plant-based easy. Like with any new habit, the FOMO or withdrawal may be real for a minute, but you will be surprised at how quickly your body adjusts and begins to crave fruits & veggies.

It actually tastes delicious. Whole foods are pure life fuel, and it’s easy to get addicted to the simple pleasures. For example, I started eating grapefruits again after a hiatus for I don’t know how long, and it was a revelation. And while I’m not huge on processed foods, some simple-ingredient dairy alternatives are delicious, and can satisfy the most serious of cheese envy.

Smoothies are lifesavers. You don’t have to be a squirrel or a vegan to drink them. You can load them up with nutrient dense nuts, seeds, and fruit, or add spinach & otherwise boring leaves. Smoothies are a customizable and convenient way to get all the nutrition you need, whether you use them as a simple snack or a meal replacement. Smoothies for the win. (This recipe changed my life.)

You’ll save some money. Eating just got more affordable. The cost of meat and animal byproducts is higher than that of fresh produce, and whether it’s on the grocery bill or while eating out at a restaurant, you will save money by not putting these items in your cart or on your plate. Saving money always feels good, right?

You’re going to feel better. Got brain fog? Tummy pain? Skin concerns? Or just general fatigue? Diet can often be to blame, but a plant-based approach can often rectify these issues. It is easy to become a “junk food vegan,” but if you commit to a healthier diet full of whole foods, you’re going to look, and more importantly feel, better.

You can save the environment, the animals, and your health by eating a plant-based diet. Why not give it a try?

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