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5 Documentaries That’ll Change Your Life

Sometimes we need a little encouragement to motivate us to act. These poignant films expose hard truths that will elevate and move you. Here are five films to inspire mindful living, conscious consumerism, and generally give you all the feels.

The True Cost is a story about the various components of the clothing industry, its role in the global economy, and the impact that it’s having all around the world. It peels back the layers and exposes the exploitation, the environmental effects, and untold truths about who really pays the price for our clothing.

Before the Flood has been raved about since the election, and for great reasons. This film does an exceptional job of discussing the pressing topic of climate change, and empowers the viewer with the knowledge and the resources to do something about it.

The Human Experiment exposes the reality about environmental toxins, and the thousands of untested chemicals that permeate our homes. It sheds light on the corrupt, well-funded chemical industry that profits at the expense of human health.

What The Health reveals alarming truths about the health consequences of consuming animal byproducts, outlines the environmental effects of animal agriculture, and exposes the dirty dealings of the organizations that are doling out our nutritional recommendations.

Samsara is cinematically gorgeous and without a single word of dialogue, this documentary inspires a renewed way of looking at the world that makes you want to be a better person. Watch it, and thank me later.

Many of these are available on Netflix, but for all others, follow the links above to see where these documentaries can be viewed.

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