30 Days of Functional Minimalism

30 Days of Functional Minimalism is a game I created as a fun, simple, step-by-step guide to clearing the clutter at home. Smaller, specific tasks are assigned to each day to prevent feeling overwhelmed. The objective is to declutter in the area or category listed for that day.

I’ve set it up this way so we can see the progress and feel a sense of accomplishment daily, not just at the end of the month. The goal is to declutter, restore the functionality of our space, and design a home we love. Happy decluttering!

(For tips to help us evaluate our stuff, check out this episode of the podcast.)

Click here for the printable calendar.

(Day 1) Kitchen counter and sink.

(Day 2) Bathroom counter.

(Day 3) Desk.

(Day 4) Dining table and coffee table.

(Day 5) Nightstands and miscellaneous tabletops.

(Day 6) Under the bed.

(Day 7) Bookcase and miscellaneous shelving.

(Day 8) Kitchen cabinets.

(Day 9) Fridge/freezer and pantry.

(Day 10) Bathroom drawers and shower shelves.

(Day 11) Junk drawer.

(Day 12) Cleaning supplies.

(Day 13) Clothing.

(Day 14) Shoes.

(Day 15) Accessories and jewelry.

(Day 16) Linens: sheet sets, pillow cases, blankets, and towels.

(Day 17) Skincare, make-up, and body products.

(Day 18) Books and magazines.

(Day 19) Entertainment: movies, board games, and video games.

(Day 20) Backpack/purse.

(Day 21) Unfollow social media accounts that inspire negativity.

(Day 22) Phone: delete unused apps, outdated contacts, and excess photos.

(Day 23) Email + unsubscribe from unnecessary mailing lists.

(Day 24) Computer clutter.

(Day 25) Back up computer and phone.

(Day 26) Car.

(Day 27) Garage/alternative storage closets or units.

(Day 28) Evaluate calendar and time commitments.

(Day 29) Sentimental boxes.

(Day 30) Whole home once-over.

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