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3 Clean, Green Mascaras For The Masses

Like perfume and deodorant, mascara is one of those products that is difficult to find a clean, green alternative for, that actually works. I’ve experimented with many a “natural” mascara; some that left me looking like a raccoon, and some that beat out mainstream brands. If we are swapping a baddie for a goodie, we want something comparable or better in quality and price. The offerings below have no issues with smudging, flaking, and as always, no nasty chemicals. Here are 3 clean, green mascaras that’ll change your life:

Lily Lolo ($20)
Lily Lolo Mascara is my current favorite, and has been for a hot minute for many reasons. It gives your lashes gorgeous length and volume without going overboard. The staying power is next-level; I can go from day to night without reapplying. This gem is an organic, vegan mascara, and it comes in black. I love how versatile it is, and how easy it is to remove, either with water or jojoba oil. Lily Lolo is ideal for daily wear, and it is bold enough for a night out. The quality for the price makes it the best value.

W3ll People ($22)
The W3ll People Expressionist Mascara gives you beautiful, bold lashes, and has solid staying power. It is a cruelty-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO product. It requires minimal effort to remove, but it’s worth noting that if you get the product in your eyes, it burns like a mofo. Why am I recommending it then? It outperforms almost all green beauty mascaras, and I wasn’t that offended by the discomfort. But it’s a v real situation, so it needed to be said. The W3ll People Expressionist Mascara comes in black, blue, purple, and brown. It’s great for everyday and evening wear.

Kjaer Weis ($28- $38)
Kjaer Weis Mascara goes on seamlessly, and gives a beautiful, barely-there natural look. The price difference above denotes buying the original product ($38) versus buying the refill ($28.) The original mascara comes in a pretty, pocket-sized silver case. It stays on all day, is easy to remove, and 99.8% of all agriculturally derived ingredients in this mascara are from organic sources. (It’s CCPB Certified Organic.) The product is not tested on animals, however they don’t certify that it’s vegan. It comes in black. Kjaer Weis mascara is exceptional for everyday wear, but for the price, I was bummed it was not more versatile for a night out.

If you’re not interested in buying directly from the brand, here are three trusted green beauty retailers that carry these products too!

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